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The Fab Lab Network intends to educate society about making almost anything we need. Using digital fabrication as its main focus, the network promotes the idea of distributed manufacturing. With this model, designs can be sent to the other side of the planet, modified and made on the same day.

Using good design, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers and other simple tools, we can create nearly any object, big or small, comparable to mass products on the market. Today the network is approaching 1000 labs globally.

The Fab Market is a new online shop where you can find a variety of locally made products designed by people from all over the world. All products are open-source and sold ready for use, assembly or fabrication, giving people the possibility to participate in the making process. The more you participate, the less you pay for the product.


With open source designs and distributed manufacturing, quality products can be customized, resourced, fabricated and sold locally. At the same time, this brings people closer to the fabrication of products.

Making products that adapt to people's needs, culture or taste —and giving the buyer direct contact with the supplier— increases transparency in the supply chain and gives the opportunity to know exactly who you are working with and how.

The Fab Market wants to give talented creators, designers or makers a place where they can fabricate their creations for a low price and sell globally at the same time.

By eliminating long distance shipping of materials and products, both time and cost can be taken off the production process, giving room for reducing costs of the final product.


We want to invite all FabLabs around the world to become a part of the Fab Market network in order to create a distributed economy. By working together, sharing knowledge, equipment and customers, creates the opportunity for scalability without a great amount of investment.

We enable makers and local Fablabs to manage the production and sale of their projects collaboratively with a fair split of the revenue.

Fab Market wants to offer good designs made to last and there for all products need to be approved and tested before going on sale. Products have to be fairly easy to fabricate and come with step by step assembly instructions. Anyone can propose designs to sell at the Fab Market. In exchange for excellence Fab Labs give a special discount of the fabrication cost every time a product is sold.